Celestial Rex

High End Custom Prehistoric Rings



One of my best friends; this is Chad. Throughout our 22 year friendship we’ve skateboarded together, snowboarded together, gone to high school together, attended college together, been groomsmen at each other’s weddings, and had the opportunity to share laughter and create memories too many times to count. Knowing him as well as I do gives me the chance to see the passion that he puts into his art. Watching a spark of creativity ignite and transform into his passion that blazes forward is always a memorable experience, and one this time that I get to help share with the world.

Celestial Rex. Cosmic dust, earthen stone, and fragments of a history long lost all combined into one magnificent ring; put together in a one of a kind and individually crafted masterpiece. Each ring is forged with the passion of an expert artisan to match it’s owners uniqueness. No single ring is exactly like another. Each holds the qualities that it’s owner holds. Created for you, it’s unique elements were predestined to compliment the soul that resonates timelessly within it’s infinite circumference.